Canyon Brook RV Park, LLC.

Pet Owners Policy: (2 Pet Maximum)

Pet Owners: We enjoy pets and would like to be able to keep Canyon Brook pet friendly, but it takes ALL pet owners being responsible for their pet(s) to be able to do this. We hope you will help us with our efforts by letting us know if our policy is being met or not. If you see another pet owner not keeping to our policies please let us know.

  • All pet owners must keep their pet(s) on a leash at all times.
  • Please maintain control of your pets. DO NOT let them roam freely at any time!    Do not leave pets tethered or chained overnight or when you are gone.
  • While pets in a pen will be allowed, the pen shall be no larger than 8’x8’. Your pet must have water at all times and must be QIUET (NO CONSTANT BARKING).         DO NOT leave food outside as this will attract other critters.
  • PET WASTE must be picked up immediately, even in your own lot and pen! The Park reserves the right to assess a $25 per occurrence fee if you fail to clean up after your pet(s).
  • If pet waste is in your designated lot, we will assume it is from your pet. Please inform management if other pet owners bring their pet onto your lot.
  • Pets should NOT be walked on other occupied lots at any time. While you may walk your leashed pets around The Park, please complete “doggy dooty” while on your walk.
  • At The Park, cats are considered inside pets only. If outside, they must be on a leash with the owner at all times. Cats found roaming outside will be subject to capture by the local animal control department.   
  • While we do not have a restriction on dog breeds allowed at The Park, AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR from any pet will not be tolerated. If your pet demonstrates aggressive or problematic behavior of ANY KIND, you will be asked to either relocate your pet away from The Park or both you and your pet will be asked to leave. NO REFUNDS. 

The undersigned Guest (and all occupants of the Guest’s RV) hereby agree to comply fully with the Pet Policy set forth herein. Guest further agrees that if Guest fails to comply with any of the Pet Policy, Guest will be in default of this Agreement and The Park will be entitled to all of the remedies set forth in this Agreement, including but not limited to the immediate removal of Guest from The Park. The Park shall also be entitled to recover its damages including attorney fees and costs incurred in enforcing this Agreement.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Park Property Owner, representatives, and employees from and against and any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in connection with your pet residing or being located at The Park, including, without limitation, the claims of any third parties related to death, bodily injury or damage to persons or property caused by your pet.

Failure to strictly comply with these Pet rules and regulations will constitute default of this Agreement. Also your failure to disclose and identify existence of your pets to management will constitute default of Agreement and The Park will be entitled to all remedies set forth herein.


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